For Fashion Retail and E-commerce


We provide intelligent real time solutions for fashion retailers and e-commerce.

Trend Reports – Competitor Analysis – Real-time Market Information –

– Point of Sales Experiences – Test Environment – Assortment Analysis  – Relevant Content

– Personalized Promotion – Automatized Inventory Management Tools

Users generate

fashion data and content

every second




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We scale and decode the data

using Artificial Intelligence

and make it accessible for your business

Tailored Solutions for the whole Value Chain



Placement/ Distribution


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Dramatic increase in Sales

Using our data and technology DailyDress achieves

shopping baskets of twice the size

than the market average after return.

Get trend reports,

competitor analysis and

detailed customer information

Data Driven

Purchase Decisions

Pre-test purchases with

real customers within DailyDress

and check preferences real-time.

Get alerts and information about

your customer’s demand

and competitor’s supply


competitive pricing

Compare your prices

with competitors and

manage inventory efficiently

Implement our content and solutions

easily to your own shop to personalize

your user’s shopping experience

and increase sales

Scale Sales


Push personalized in-app sales in the context of

the user’s own wardrobe.

Get your own White Label of DailyDress

and increase your customer’s

engagement and loyalty

Create relevant content based on your

own inventory automatically:

out-of stock alternatives, complimentary

shop-the-look outfits and trending styles

Automatized Content Creation

Personalized Communication

Equip your staff with all the information they need

to deliver relevant and personalized

customer service and curation

Turn your fashion house

into a world of experiences.

Let your customers engage and interact

with your brands and personalize their stay.

Boutiques and Retail

Experience and Engagement

Let your customers take pictures of your inventory and

and push personalized content, outfit recommendations and

individual offers to their smartphones when they

enter your fashion house.

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Where does the information come from?

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DailyDress App

We built a Product Users love ♥

DailyDress is a free mobile app that allows users to synchronize their wardrobe and get personalized outfit inspiration what to wear instantly.

User simply sync their clothes – DailyDress does the magic.

And get unique data in return


Retrospective purchase information

for user segments



Users like/ dislike

displayed outfits



Users create thousands of

styles on their own


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